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Kerui/Daisy Nail Technology

Kerui/Daisy Nail Technology

Kerui is a professional manufacturer of nail manicure products in China, relying on our strong local industrial base and research base.The company continuse to innovate and forge ahead in the nail beauty industry ,currently we specialize in nail dipping powder ,nail acrylic powder, nail gel polish and so on. OEM/ODM service are available, we offer customized service to fit any individual need and we always produce high quality products at a great value for our consumers.


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  • Name: Andy
  • Department: Marketing Department
  • Position: CEO
  • E-Mail: 147657206@qq.com
  • Mobile phone: 13533008181
  • Wechat: hnandy2011
  • TEL: +86-02086370053
  • Address: 506, Building A1, Wanda Plaza, Guangzhou